Plantagenet Events are the specialist Event Management Company who bring history to life
No matter what the challenge, from a small living history exhibit to a full scale battle, a village fete to a major corporate event, let Plantagenet Events ease your path to success.

Plantagenet Events has a long pedigree of proven professionalism.
Each year we organise major historical re-enactments; featuring specialist performers, large historical markets, with hundreds of participants, and thousands of visitors.

We work with castles and heritage organisations, and we've experience with TV and film; we've even organised the entertainments for a spectacular medieval wedding, including a joust!

But we can also help with more individual requirements, like finding historical musicians or educators, a specialist master of ceremonies, or provide craftsmen and demonstrators for your event, whatever it is and whatever the size.

And it's not just theatre and the front of house, Plantagenet Events has the experience to help you plan the facilities and infrastructure you'll need behind the scenes.

In fact, it doesn't matter what part of history you're interested in, Plantagenet Events can help you create the event you want.

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